• Antoreep Jana

Download Kaggle Dataset in Google Colab Notebooks in just 3 lines.

Many kagglers like to work on Google Colab and Kaggle Kernels simultaneously. However, migrating the dataset to Google Colab is bit troublesome and time consuming. To your remedy, there's a python package kaggleDownloader which helps you get your task accomplished in a matter of seconds.

The steps are ->

  1. !pip install kaggleDownloader ## installation

  2. from kaggleDownloader import get_dataset

  3. get_dataset('kaggle competitions download -c springleaf-marketing-response')

The argument passed in the get_dataset() function is the api call you would make to get the required dataset. For detailed understanding, find the Google Colab Notebook attached below.

Find the worked example in a Google Colab Notebook -> Here

Note:- Please ensure that you have added/uploaded the lastest valid API token to the Google Colab Notebook you're working on.

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